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The Powervibe Zen Pro is PowerVibe’s top of the line machine powered by Triplanar Vibration technology. The first thing I noticed about this vibration machine is the tongue that sticks out in the front.  It is used to add to the aesthetics of the machine and for stabilizing the machine to prevent it from tipping over. I never had a time when I managed to tip a vibration machine over but I guess it is a relief for users that require an even sturdier platform and handlebar system and not have to worry about the vibrating platform tipping over. I’m sure it could break something as the machine weighs well over 120 lbs.

The control panel looks somewhat odd and is a little too graphic-filled and you could get lost when looking for the right button to press.  It took me some time getting used to before I am comfortable pressing the buttons without looking at the control panel.  The vibration plate feels sturdy and the pole is solid.  It is made of solid steel and is fairly rigid to the tugging of the handlebar.  Compared to the Powervibe Pro II, the ZenPro feels a little more powerful when I stepped on it, even with two 15 lb free weights.  It did not slow down with the extra weight and powered right through the routine without a problem. I even tried jumping on it (not recommended) and it was solid. And if you feel playing with the speed is too much work, it comes with 4 automatic exercise training program routines: Total Body, Upper Body, Abdominal, and Lower Body and a Manual mode.  Except for Manual, you can pretty much just set it and forget it and go through your exercise routine without pressing the up or down buttons to adjust the speed. Each training exercise program has its own button so you would select that if you want to work certain parts of your body–ultimately, it just changes the frequency / speed setting for you.  The starting frequency of the machine is 20 Hz and increments every 5 Hz when you press the FREQUENCY UP button, upto 50Hz, or decrements 5 Hz when you press the FREQUENCY DOWN button, down to 0 Hz.  There are not too many “speed” settings and we’d actually hope they change it to incorporate increments of 1 Hz instead in future versions of the Zen Pro, because 5 Hz is a really large speed increase. Finally, the TIME UP and TIME DOWN button allows you to increase or decrease the duration of your workout routine.

The vibration platform is generously sized at 29.5″ wide x 30.0″ deep.  I’m able to comfortable place my feet on the platform in a variety of locations without it running off the platform so I get the full vibration benefits of the training. There no problem sitting on the platform to meditate or doing pushups on the platform. Because of the large platform, my head didn’t hit the pole as I’m doing slow push ups.

The Powervibe Zen Pro has some exercise training routines that automatically change the frequency of the vibration platform compared to that of minimalist machines.  One thing we would like to see changed is the number of speed or frequency settings the vibration machine offers, and currently it is lacking in that department. If you searching for a slightly more premium version of a Triplanar vibration machine, then the Powervibe ZenPro offers great value and will work quite well for you.

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