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WBVReviewed.com provides consumers with complete Whole Body Vibration services – from understanding the technology, selecting your vibration machine, making an informed final purchase and providing you the best price on the best machine for your dollar when you’ve confidently made your decision.

Many people have questions regarding what this technology is all about because of the numerous sources they find online and large amount of misinformation out there. The real and true benefits of Whole Body Vibration are complex; there is no simple answer but our experienced, enthusiastic and knowledgeable team are here to help.

Our customers are consistently amazed by the health and energy level improvements Whole Body Vibration brings them; so much so that they recommend it to their friends and family. They are also amazed by the immense amount of knowledge that we freely provide with an honest and unbiased opinion. We give you the facts so you can make the decision wisely.

We built this website to extend our knowledge to more people and to provide steep discounts by leveraging our buying power. We simply use our network of Whole Body Vibration manufacturers and purchasing volume of all our customers to provide you with the lowest price for the best vibration machines in the market.


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