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Weight loss

Lymphatic drainage


Pain relief

Bone health

Muscle strengthening and toning

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Vmax Fitness i25

In previous reviews, all the Vmax Fitness vibration machines have dual motors (Oscillation + Spiral vibration) But when we looked at their website, they do have single motor vibration models that are available for purchase. Since we haven’t tried any of their single motor machines, our guy Steve ordered a machine 3 weeks ago from them (For the record, yes we had to pay they, they wouldn’t give it to us for free) so that we can see how their single motor machines compare to similar looking machines from other companies. We will have another post that summarizes the various brands for almost the same identical looking/function machines.

Delivery and Assembly

Surprisingly, delivery took just 3 days. We ordered on Monday morning and the UPS driver dropped off two boxes on Friday noon. The packages came from their British Columbia (west coast) warehouse (when we previously called them, they did mentioned they have two warehouses, one in the east coast and one in the west coast. Maybe both warehouse stocks different models, and hence they had to ship the Vmax i25 from the west coast warehouse. Had they shipped from their Toronto warehouse, transit time should take 7 days.) As with all the other vibration machines we reviewed, the first thing we check is for shipping damage. Because of the sheer size and weight of these machines, it is very common for the platform plate (the base) to get dents or more severe damages during shipping. The base box was packaged in a carton box, then crated in a heavy duty shipping box. Seems impossible to break anything inside the boxes unless you drop the box few feet off the ground. The second package were packed in carton box, and contains the poles and vertical column secured by styrofoam.

Assembly took Steve about 10 minutes of his time. It is not overly difficult to put together. The column should be fastened to the base first, make sure the electrical cable from the column is connected to the one in the base, otherwise, the control panel cannot talk to the computer inside the base unit. Next, fasten the handle bars together and finally, you would put the control panel on. The side rails on the Vmax i25 are option, however, it does make the machine more durable. If you find them to be too restrictive, you can actually not install them and just install the control panel onto the front column. Make sure to adjust the levellers flush to the floor as the vibrating machine might shake and move by itself otherwise. We had to give one of the bottom leveler two quick turns to firmly plant the machine to the floor. This is a very common adjustment for any vibration machine.

Frame and Platform

The Vmax Fitness i25 is an oscillation vibration machine powered by a 500 W motor and the platform is big enough (20.5″ x 14″) for pretty much anything you do on the machine. When assembled, the machine weighs about 99 lbs and has a distinct handlebar system similar to that of the Tzone and Zaaz vibration machines. The handles are functional and is good for users that have weak legs and have to hold onto something when they vibrate on the platform plate. The handlebars run from the front of the machine and slowly tapers down to the back, so you will easily be able to find a grip when you need it. The handlebars do get in the way from time to time and you will have to position yourself such that it doesn’t get in the way of the exercise you are trying to do. The column of the machine is made of steel and attaches to the base and the control panel. One problem with lighter machines (less than 100 lbs) is that they are easy to move. In this case, they have a tendency to tip. When you try leaning and pushing on to the handlebar, the machine doesn’t exactly feel safe and it wobbles and you feel the weight of the machine shift. This can get scary if you rely on the handlebars quite a bit.

Control Panel and Display

The control panel sits right on top of the handle bars and column and has 3 LED displays–each for time, speed, and the mode. You also have your standard ON-OFF button, Speed +, Speed -, Time, and Preset programs, just like the other similar looking vibration machines. You can set the speed on the machine all the way to 50, and even at that speed, the machine is fairly quiet and shouldn’t be wake your neighbors. The Vmax i25 has 9 preset routines that run for 10 minutes each and will automatically change the frequency and speeds of the machine every so often. Pressing the Program button will cycle through the 9 pre-set programs from P1 through P9. The 88 indicates the machine is in manual mode and you are free to adjust the speed or Hz of the machine, in addition to the time (when the machine hasn’t started yet). Features and settings vary for machines between $1000 to $2500 and the i25 is quite good relatively to its price point.

Final Thoughts

The Vmax Fitness i25 is a good oscillation machine designed for users that wants a machine with a handlebar system and don’t necessarily require a lot of features and have a tight budget but want the health benefits of Whole Body Vibration training. It has many features and functions (500 W oscillation motor, hand rails, 50 speeds settings, time adjustment, and 9 preset programs) that are comparable to machines in the $2500 range. One thing to note, with lighter machines like the Zaaz 20K, Tzone, or the i25, they all have a tendency to tip and rock if leaned on too much so I would advise against these machines if you require something very sturdy and you will lean or put a lot of weight on the handle bars. Going with a heavier machine like the Tectonic M2.0 would be a much better choice. Otherwise, the Vmax i25 is great for a entry level system for the amount it costs.

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Not sure which vibration machine is suitable for you? Call us for advice and our current discounted prices: 1.800.775.1592
Purchase Vmax i25

Features & Specifications

Weight 99 lbs
Dimensions 29 x 27.4 x 48 in
Platform size

20.87" x 14.5"


Home Use

Motor output

500 watt

Maximum user load

330 lbs


6-18 Hz


0-10 mm

Speed settings



6.5 Gs


  • Two separate boxes – Tower and base unit
  • Instructional DVD
  • Exercise Poster
  • Instruction Manual
  • Nylon Hand Straps, set of 2 (non-stretchable)
  • Power Cord
  • Warranty: 2 year parts and hardware, 5 years motors

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