Vmax Pro Duo

Vmax Pro Duo


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Weight loss

Lymphatic drainage


Pain relief

Bone health

Muscle strengthening and toning

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UPDATE: The new Vmax Fitness Pro Duo are now upgraded to be even more powerful at 500W for Oscillation and 300W for Spiral instead of the original 300W and 200W motors

As mentioned in the Vmax Fitness Trio review, we visited Vmax Fitness’ Vibration Studios and managed to review all of their vibration machines–Trio, Pro Duo, and the Q5.

The Vmax Pro Duo is poled-designed and instead of steel, the pole is made of hard ABS plastic. The handlebars are stiff and sturdy for people that may use it primarily for balancing, but I don’t suggest grabbing it and tugging on it just for kicks.  Since the handles are also on both sides of the pole, there’s a little less freedom compared with that of the Vmax Trio.
There are 2 control panels on the Pro Duo, the main one at the top, and a secondary one on the middle of the pole.  This works great when I am sitting down and meditating on the vibrating platform since I can easily adjust the speed settings very easily while I am sitting down and I won’t have to stand up and sit down again to adjust.  Similar to the Vmax Trio, the Pro Duo operates on 2 motors giving it an Oscillation and Spiral vibration mode, but instead of 500W and 300W, it is 300W and 200W.  It is a little powered down compared to the Trio and we will see in our tests if there is any difference in the lifting power.

The top control panel utilizes a 3″ LCD display with UP/DOWN buttons for both the oscillation and spiral motions, a Power On/Off, Program, Time, and Mode. The bottom panel has a ON/OFF button, and UP/DOWN buttons for each of the two motions. The Pro Duo comes with 4 programs, 1 being Manual. 3 of these programs automatically adjust the speed settings as you go about the 10 minute routine and is quite useful if you want to set it and forget it! Manual mode allows you to take control of the UP/DOWN buttons and adjust the speeds of each motion on the fly. The motors are independently controlled and hence, you can set Oscillation to 25 while you leave Spiral at 5.

When I stepped onto the platform (I’m at 250 lbs), I feel that the machine is not as strong as the Trio.  On the Trio it feels a lot more rapid and consistent.  But to be fair, the Trio is a lot more powerful in terms of its 500W and 300W motors.

The vibration platform looks and feels like its smaller then the Vmax Trio but it is at 25.6″ x 32″, which is supposedly bigger then the Vmax Trio. I think it is because of the curvatures of the platform plate that gives me the feeling that it looks smaller.  There doesn’t seem to be any restraints when I am on the platform and it was very comfortable for me doing a variety of poses.  The base itself is also made of steel but not as heavy as the Trio as the ABS case covers the whole frame, unlike the Trio.

Overall, the Vmax Pro Duo vibration machine is pretty good for users that want a slightly smaller machine with a pole and cannot afford too much space in the house. If you’re using this model for weight loss, circulation, balance, increasing bone density, or lymphatic drainage, then the Pro Duo is perfect for you.

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Not sure which vibration machine is suitable for you? Call us for advice and our current discounted prices: 1.800.775.1592
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Features & Specifications

Weight 99 lbs
Dimensions 25.6 x 32 x 55 in
Platform size

25" x 21"


Home Use

Motor output

800 watt total (500 watt Oscillation, 300 watt Spiral)

Maximum user load

330 lbs


6-16 Hz Oscillation, 20-40 Hz Spiral


0-10 mm Oscillation, 1-2 mm Spiral

Speed settings

60 each on Oscillation, and Spiral. 3700+ combinations


10.1 Gs


  • Two separate boxes – Tower and base unit
  • Instructional DVD
  • Exercise Poster
  • Instruction Manual
  • Nylon Hand Straps, set of 2 (non-stretchable)
  • Power Cord
  • Warranty: 2 year parts and hardware, 5 years motors

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