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Vibrapro 5500 Classic


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The Vibra Pro 5500 is currently the top premium oscillation vibration machine offered by Vibra Pro.  Similarly designed as the Tectonic M6.0, and heck, at first look, you’ll probably mistaken the two, the machine is pretty sleek with its X styled handle bars system mounted on a slender pole.  The Vibra Pro 5500 is jet black in color with an illuminated blue control panel console.  One major difference is that the VibraPro 5500 is an all oscillation machine, it doesn’t include the Triplanar or Spiral vibration function like the Tectonic M6.0, nor Vmax Fitness Trio.

The visual difference between the Tectonic M6.0 and VibraPro 5500 is obviously the massive logo on both machines–it spans the entire length of the pole. I can’t really complaint as it actually looks pretty good on both machines. The control panel for both vibration machines are also different, although still showing some resemblance. The VibraPro 5500 is controlled by 6 buttons layed out in a straight horizontal line with a relatively big screen, similar to the display used in the Tectonic M6.0. Looks aside, lets take a look at how this WBV machine performs.

Powering on the machine, there are a total of 6 modes built in.  The Manual program allows you to freely change the speed settings on the fly when you are working on your exercise routine, it also has 5 preset programs that you can choose, P1 through P5, and all these fluctuate from high to low speed settings as you exercise 10 minutes on them.  The navigation of the console is relatively straightforward.  There are a row of 6 buttons in this order, Power, Program, Mode, Enter, +, -.  The VibraPro 5500 supports range of speed settings from 0 to 30, so not as many combinations compared to other brands.

The VibraPro 5500 feels no different then that of the Tectonic M6.0 in just the oscillation vibration mode. There is no slowdown whatsoever if I used free weights when on the platform plate–the lifting power is more then sufficient and feels solid. The base platform plate also has 2 notches to attach arm straps to work out your upper body.  What I would like to see is a wider speed setting range so that the machine can be tailored to more users.  Remember, adjusting the placement of your feet further away from the center will increase the vibration amplitude, and hence, giving a stronger workout. The platform is fairly big and you’ll have no problem performing situps or other exercises that require using your arms on the vibrating plate.

The Vibra Pro 5500 is a good vibration machine but only has the oscillation vibration mode. It is a pretty good performer but given the price, it is leaning towards the expensive side.

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Not sure which vibration machine is suitable for you? Call us for advice and our current discounted prices: 1.800.775.1592
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Features & Specifications

Weight 105 lbs
Dimensions 30 x 26 x 55 in
Platform size

22" x 14"


Home Use

Motor output

500 watt

Maximum user load

330 lbs


6-16 Hz


0-11 mm

Speed settings



7.2 Gs


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