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Since the Zaaz 20K is gaining popularity throughout America through either Costco or Sam’s Club (they are more commonly found in CA, CO, FL, TX, and SC) we decided to write a review on it and let our readers know what type of machine this is and if it worth their buck to have one in their home. The Zaaz Studio brand is part of Tzone Vibration in Canada but the former is marketed primarily in the United States. The Zaaz 20K is equivalent to the Tzone VT20 and the Zaaz 15K to the Tzone VT15.

The Zaaz 20K is an oscillation machine that utilizes a single 500 W motor to create the teeter-totter motion. It uses a rounded square control panel and a handlebar system that wraps around to the front and back corners of the base machine. The tapering of the handlebars makes it a little less restrictive than competing machines that uses non-tapered bars. The handlebars are good for users that require a handlebar in the front, and sides, however, because of the bars on the side, you’ll most likely have trouble doing certain exercises that require a greater degree of freedom. Exercises such as calf stretches, where you are required to lean on one side to stretch the calf muscle would be more difficult to perform on the the 20K.

The machine itself is light. At under 100 lbs, you’ll find that as you put weight onto the handlebars, there is a tendency for the machine to move and wobble slightly. If you put too much of your body weight on the handlebars, as with other machines of this style, there is a chance the machine can tip over and you may end up hurting yourself.

The Zaaz 20K’s control panel no longer comes with the body fat monitor, instead, just the pulse monitor for measuring your pulse. The pulse sensors are mounted conveniently on the side rails. We found that the pulse monitor on the vibration machines are relatively inaccurate and if you need to rely on an accurate pulse reading for whatever reason, I highly recommend buying an actual heart rate monitor. The control panel is made of plastic and comes with extras like the number of steps taken, and the calories burned. The LCD screen is BIG, the center shows the speed setting you selected and on the left side shows the Pulse, Calorie, and Steps taken during your workout session.  The control panel is fairly easy to use and you would appreciate the bigger LCD compared to that of the Vmax i25.  The Zaaz 20K comes preloaded with 8 pre-programmed training routines and you can select whichever works for you–the programs will automatically change the speed settings for you during your 10 minute session.

As far as power goes, it doesn’t feel any different than the Vmax Fitness i25 aside from the fact that the 20K has 99 speed settings. We loved how many speed settings the machine offered since a wider speed selection means you’re getting a smaller frequency increment per speed level and therefore, the machine can be tailored to a lot of users from varying degrees of fitness. So far, the Zaaz 20K seems to be the only oscillation machine in the market with 99 speed settings, a definite bonus, however, it did bother me as I had to push the speed up to about 50 to 60 every time I used the machine. It could be a minor inconvenience for user’s that adapt extremely quickly to vibration training as you’ll have to spend at least 30 seconds to adjust to the higher speed settings every single time.

Resting my hands on the vibrating platform as I’m doing a shoulder press, I still find the bars on the side to be restrictive especially if I wanted to do situps or triceps dips on the vibration machine, but if you rarely do other exercises besides standing on the platform, then this shouldn’t be an issue at all, and the handlebar system is fairly good for support, just make sure you don’t lean or put over 50% of your body weight on it. The platform is a just a hair larger than the Vmax i25 at 21″ X 15″ and there shouldn’t be any problems performing most standing exercises.

The Zaaz 20K offers slightly wider range of speed settings (99 to be exact) than the Vmax Fitness i25 and quite a number of accessories. Firstly, they have a chair where you can sit on to do your exercises, in additional to 3 vibration foam pads that are of varying hardness. They are useful to a certain extend and the foam pads do add an additional level of comfort for users with joint sensitivity and pain. However, the foam pads reduces the vibration felt by the user (which does, in essence, defeats the point of using the machine in the first place). The chair I haven’t really found a use for as I find sitting on the platform or the floor directly gives me more control of the exercises that I do, in addition to feeling the vibrations directly.  The 20K has a handlebar system that is slightly more sloped than other machines of this style. It helps with the restrictiveness but it is still distracting. The Zaaz 20K comes at a high cost premium compared to other similar vibration machines that make this deal cold. If you want something that just works and can try personally at your nearby Sam’s Club, then this might be the machine for you.

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Price (shipped)$1795
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Vibration TypeOscillationOscillationOscillationOscillation
Power Output1000 W500 W500 W500 W
Frequency Range (Hz)5-306-186-166-16
Amplitude (mm)11101010
Frame ConstructionSteelSteelSteelSteel
Handlebar Sturdiness10777
BMI SensorNoYesYesYes
Training DVDNoYesYesYes
Warranty5 Years5 Years1 Year1 Year
Platform Size20" x 16"20.87" x 14.5"20.8" x 14.5"20.8" x 14.5"
(Lower is Better)
Weight Capacity440 lbs330 lbs330 lbs330 lbs
More SpecificationsMore SpecificationsMore SpecificationsMore SpecificationsMore Specifications
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Features & Specifications

Weight 105 lbs
Dimensions 28.3 x 24.4 x 53.9 in
Platform Size

20.8″ x 14.5″


Home Use

Motor Output

400 watt

Maximum User Load

330 lbs


6-16 Hz


0-10 mm

Speed Settings


G Force

5.2 Gs


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