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2017 Vibration Machine Buyer’s Guide

Before making a purchase of a Whole Body Vibration machine, you have to be sure you are getting the best value for your dollar, and a product that fits your needs.  There are many WBV machines out there and each of them offer different feature sets that set them apart.  Use the following guide to help you make an informed decision and continue to the Learn More section for an even more in-depth look.

The Quick 2-Minute Checklist

Okay fine, so the buyer’s guide is too long and you don’t have time to read through it in its entirety. No problem, just make sure to know the answers to each point in the checklist, and you should be good to go in selecting the most suitable machine for yourself. Alternatively, call us and we can provide you with the quick answers, its that easy.

  • Know the different vibration types, and what they are useful for
  • Do you want to hold onto something while you exercise?
  • How big of a platform do you need? What will you be doing?
  • How powerful should the machine be for your purpose?
  • Are you getting the biggest bang for your buck? Remember, the most expensive machine does not mean it is most suitable for you
  • Is the vibration machine safety certified for sale in Canada or USA?
  • How reputable is the company you are purchasing from? Are they a mom and pops? Do they sell a million different products?

What vibration type or motion are you looking for?

There are a few types of vibration platform that you can decide on:
Sonic vibration is probably the most expensive one of the bunch because of its wide frequency range and vertical displacement (amplitude). It is a relatively new technology and as such, carries a huge premium of upwards of $10,000.


Triplanar and
Oscillation vibration, there’s really no clear cut answer to saying which one is best because both can give you the benefits of Whole Body Vibration therapy and one machine cannot do everything for everyone.  Everyone is unique. We all have different physical characteristics, needs, and goals. Certain machines will always be better at certain functions than other machines. Triplanar is a slightly newer form of vibration motion, combining the Lineal motion with a slight horizontal motion. Sometimes it may also be referred to as
Spiral vibration

Depending on your specific budget and needs, we can recommend and provide comparisons and reviews of a variety of hand-picked machines that offer superior functions at extremely competitive prices.  And if you ever need help deciding, we’re here to help you find the best types of machine for your specific needs.

And, if you happen to make your decision while visiting us and want to show your support, you can purchase many of the machines we review through our easy to use shopping cart all or by giving us a call, at great and unbeatable prices.

With or without a Column?

How is your coordination and balance? If you have absolutely no problem balancing on one foot or you have a firm stance and have no problems coordinating your movements you probably don’t need a pole with a handlebar system. Having a front mounted pole is great if you prefer something to hold onto while using the machine or if you recently had an injury and you’re using the machine for rehabilitation. However, a front mounted pole also sometimes limits the number of exercises that you may perform on the platform.

Machines with poled designs are generally bigger and bulkier, and heavier then their pole-less cousin.  Some poles offer 2 control panels, the main one located at the top, and a smaller, secondary controller at the bottom of the pole. The purpose of this is to allow easy access to the controls when you are performing exercises while bending down, or on your hands or knees.

Pole-less machines tend to be much smaller and can be stowed away in the closet or under the bed.  Similar to the poled design, these machines are fine-tuned to help you realize the benefits of Whole Body Vibration training and conditioning. A pole-less machine allows you maximum freedom to do whatever you need, without having a front pole to block you, such as when performing a front or back lunge.

Most pole-less machines include a remote control to allow for maximum freedom and flexibility.  Both types of machines are safe to use and the best choice really depends on how you use the machine, your physical characteristics, or what you want to achieve.

How big of a platform do you need?

Many machines offer a relatively small platform size to stand on.  The platform size can and will determine what exercises you can perform though it can severely limit your ability to move.  Specifically for pivotal platforms, the bigger the platform size, the larger and higher the vertical amplitude because the ends of the platform will be higher then that of a shorter platform.

Always choose a machine with a platform size that is relative to your physical size, that way, you have enough freedom to move and gain the benefits offered by a Whole Body Vibration session. If you are able to stand shoulder width apart with 5 inches of platform to spare from the edge, you are good. Standing on the platform may not take much space but once you become comfortable and start realizing the results, naturally you will want to experiment with different postures and positions.

For example, a regular squat and a wide-stance squat works differing parts of the backside muscles and legs.  Alternatively, a pelvic bridge helps tone your lower back muscles and helps to strengthen your core.  Or perhaps, you want to perform a shoulder press, which requires you to lean forward while you bend over with your two hands on the platform.  With a smaller platform, and a front mounted pole, your head may hit the pole and you may have to readjust yourself so that you can perform the exercise without an obstacle in the way.

Weight range and how powerful should my machine be?

The power of a machine dictates how effective the vibration workout will be.  Generally, the more powerful or highly rated a motor is, the greater the weight capacity.  The weight capacity is the maximum rated weight a particular machine supports.  It’s not to say the machine will not work if one is heavier, but it is definitely not recommended.

Using an under-powered machine will prevent the machine from producing the correct frequency, amplitude, and even gravitational force when the user exceeds the weight capacity of the machine.  Similarly, using an over-powered machine does not necessarily mean the vibration machine will product an excess of frequency, amplitude, and G-force, it is simply easier for the machine to lift the user.  If you will be sharing your machine with others in the family, it is best to select a machine with a motor capable of lifting even the heaviest user of the family.

Consider your budget… but beware of prices that are too good to be true!

Quite frankly, if we had all the money in the world, we’d undoubtedly purchase the best vibration money can buy, regardless of the price.  But in reality we all have a budget but that does not necessarily mean you have to sacrifice quality for price.  With the internet, its not uncommon for people to come across deals that allow them to purchase an oscillating machine for $200 or so and lead them to believe that it can perform like $2000 models.

The internal workings of a properly assembled vibration machine is fine-tuned to deliver the proper range of frequencies, vertical amplitude, and ultimately, the gravitational force (G-force).  Good quality components are not inexpensive and that is a reason for the higher price tag of certain machines.  If the machine that you come across is at a very low price point, something isn’t right.

Cheap machines are usually sold by manufacturers that are extremely small in scale and are in it for the “hit and run.” Once they have your money, that’s it. If your machine ever breaks down, good luck trying to find them to ship you a new one. The manufacturer’s website is a good indication of their scale and especially if they list their office address. Run-down websites and the lack of an office address is a big giveaway that the manufacturer in question is very small in scale and lacks the resources for a decent operation. Even if they offer a 10 year warranty on their products, will they even be there that long to service anything? With that in mind, don’t put your health at risk for an improperly tuned machine and be wary of super deals. In addition, some companies may be large in scale, if they sell a million different products, will you get the right service for your machine when you need it? Make sure to properly check the warranty terms on the manufacturers website and ensure you can find a direct link to the terms and the service number or email. If it is extremely convoluted, its clear they don’t even want you to contact them in case of any problems! What good would a 10 year warranty be now?

When there are very low prices, there are also very high prices.  Certain models of vibration machines sport a price tag well over $12,000!  This does not necessarily mean these are elite vibration machines, but more or less giving a false impression that they are.  Some people believe “they get what they pay for” and that is exactly the mentality those companies are trying to capitalize off of.  Although it may be true in some scenarios in life, these companies are trying to mislead uninformed buyers.  A very good quality oscillation machine typically goes for $1500 to $2500, a very good quality triplanar machine for $2000 to $4500, and a very good lineal machine for $2000 to $3000.

Don’t pay more than you need to and not far less than you should for a good quality whole body vibration machine.

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