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I was driving down the grocery store the other day and saw a Spa with a “Vibration Therapy Now Available!” signage below the awning.  I quickly made a mental note to come back another day to see what vibration machine they had.

Knowing that it was a Spa, I needed a prop. I asked my friend Liz to come down with me and gave her the spiel about me wanting to try the Whole Body Vibration machine that they had.  I had quickly run her down with the questions I wanted her to ask so I can see how good this vibration machine was for myself.  So we went in and asked the one of the staff what Vibration Therapy was all about. Pretending I knew nothing, she gave us a breakdown of the benefits, and what we should expect when we try out the machine for a free 10 minute session.  She led us inside the Spa and sitting there was the PowerVibe Pro II.  It is a Triplanar vibration machine for home and light commercial usage.  The PowerVibe Pro II looks fairly nice, it has a steel frame with a plastic case around it.  At the bottom of the machine is 6 levelers and it has wheels on the back which makes it easier to move the vibration machine around.  The handlebar is solid but if you pull on it, you can feel a spring to it. The spa staff explained there were 10 variable programs built into this particular vibration machine–that was more then enough to keep me happy as I normally see just 3 on the models we reviewed so far.

So I stepped on the vibrating plate and gave it a whirl. She advised us not to stand completely straight because it will make your head uncomfortable (she was referring to Head Vibration).  I performed a few standing postures (I didn’t want to look weird or she might think I’m messing around) and the platform was a decent size, I didn’t have a measure tape, so I don’t know exactly, but it is similar to the Vmax Fitness Trio or Vibratrim VT400.  The vibration was fast, I can really feel my calves tightening up in a matter of minutes. The frequency was definitely higher then the Pivotal vibration machines and my body felt used after about 5 minutes. The vibration is completely different between Triplanar vibration and Oscillation (Pivotal) vibration.  I jumped off so Liz can give it a shot. It was funny because Liz stopped after about 30 seconds as she couldn’t handle the head vibration.  Triplanar vibration is not for everyone and some people prefer Oscillation vibration over Triplanar, or vice versa, so make sure you know which vibration type works for you.

If you are looking for a Triplanar vibration machine and you’re more geared towards building or toning your muscles and weight loss, then the Powervibe Pro II may be just the machine for you.

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