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Reviews by Brands

There are so many brands of whole vibration machines out there that we decided to test them out and show you the capabilities of each machine. Make sure you know the type of vibration motion you are comfortable with so that you don’t end up getting a machine that you can’t use or feels uncomfortable using. We sell many of the machines that you see on this website directly to you and if you can’t try the machines before purchase, call us at 1-800-775-1592 and we can arrange product testing near your area or help you decide the most suitable machine for you.

Power Plate

A power house in Vibration technology, Power Plate has been in business for a long time and have many machines suited for every environment you can imagine. All their machines are triplanar and are usually used in commercial settings.
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Tectonic Vibration Technology

Their machine has two motors and offers both the oscillation and triplanar functionality. Although the vibration machine weighs less than other vibration platforms from 3G Cardio or Power Plate, the quality and functionality makes up the difference.
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Vmax Fitness

Vmax primarily makes dual (two) motor vibration machines that oscillates with triplanar motion or oscillates with spiral motion. Their budget models have machines that only oscillates. They have a variety of vibration machines built for home and commercial use.
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T-Zone Vibration Technology

A very popular brand coming out of Ontario, Tzone makes oscillation machines mostly fit for residential use. They have numerous studios in Ontario that you can drop by and test the machines. Prices are a fair bit more expensive then the competition given the functions and features of their machines.
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3G Cardio

3G Cardio machines are large and heavy duty. All their vibration machines are triplanar, similar to that of the Power Plate, and were designed to compete directly with them but at a lower price point.
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Power Vibe

PowerVibe makes residential and commercial triplanar machines. They are lighter in weight compared to other vibration plates and is geared towards light commercial use. Their vibration machines are not as strong as the commercial units from 3G Cardio, Vmax Fitness, or PowerPlate.
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Vibra Trim

Vibra Trim makes oscillation only machines and also two motor machines. They make mostly residential machines, with the two-motor unit being their top seller. The two motors gives the machine oscillation and spiral vibrations.
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Vibra Pro

Vibra Pro makes single motor machines from budget to higher quality commercial models. These light weight machines only oscillates and are good for lymphatic drainage and improving circulation of the blood. Machines are over-specified (exaggerated) and uses their own proprietary rating system–fairly meaningless for comparison.
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DKN Technology

A fairly popular brand in Europe, DKN’s focus is on Triplanar Vibration machines. DKN machines have premium features and are geared towards the home and commercial space.
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