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So today we’ll take a look at one of the original vibration types in the world of Whole Body Vibration, Oscillation vibration. The VibraTrim VT100 uses a 500W motor to deliver oscillating vibrations in a fairly sturdy platform.  Platform looks solid and is made of steel with a ABS plastic covering.  4 levelers separate the machine from the floor and the handlebar system is interestingly restrictive.  I had slight trouble lying in the floor and performing triceps dips as my elbow would keep hitting the handlebars on the side.  However, if you all you really do is perform mostly standing postures and you need a thorough handlebar system, then this vibration machine is perfect for you.

The machine moves by itself a little when you turn it up and when you aren’t standing on the vibrating platform. It is not too big of a deal but this does test if the machine is grounded properly.  The back of the machine, near the base has wheels so it makes it a breeze to tilt and move the machine from one end of the room to the other end.  The vibration platform is made of hard plastic, so its not very comfortable to sit on.  I have to put a soft cushion on the platform when I sit on it to relax.  However, it is extremely durable and probably won’t wear out as fast compared to the soft rubber platforms.  At 500W, the machine delivers more then enough power to lift a 250 lb person up and down and when adding free weights (15 lbs each hand), it felt just the same–no hiccups.  What you want is a machine powerful enough to lift you and other weights you may use without it feeling sluggish.  The Vibratrim VT100 has 20 speeds speeds and 3 pre-set training routines so you can concentrate on your postures and not busy changing the speeds.

The platform size is 20.87″ X 14.5″ and is a pretty decent size. The only restrictive element are the handlebars, not the platform plate itself.  It is a little hard to move around with the poles right beside you, but then again, if you need you need a 360 degree handlebar system, the VibraTrim VT100 will be a good choice.

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Price (shipped)$1795
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Vibration TypeOscillationOscillationOscillationOscillation
Power Output1000 W500 W500 W500 W
Frequency Range (Hz)5-306-186-166-16
Amplitude (mm)11101010
Frame ConstructionSteelSteelSteelSteel
Handlebar Sturdiness10777
BMI SensorNoYesYesYes
Training DVDNoYesYesYes
Warranty5 Years5 Years1 Year1 Year
Platform Size20" x 16"20.87" x 14.5"20.8" x 14.5"20.8" x 14.5"
(Lower is Better)
Weight Capacity440 lbs330 lbs330 lbs330 lbs
More SpecificationsMore SpecificationsMore SpecificationsMore SpecificationsMore Specifications
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