I thought this is a review and resource site, how come you’re selling machines?!

Great question! Our goal is to educate consumers, such as yourself, on Whole Body Vibration technology.  We want to help you make an informed decision, and most of all, to help you choose a vibration machine most suitable for your needs. But wait! how did you get here?

Chances are, the manufacturers didn’t send you our way (why would they?) and you discovered us through paid links from Google, Bing, Yahoo! or other search engines, and yes, all of these search engines charge us money each time someone clicks on the link to see our site.  Educating consumers costs money, and we want to spread the word to inform other consumers like yourself before they decide on a whole body vibration machine.

After trying out as many machines as we can get our hands on, we narrow down on the popular ones and present them on this site.  We then approach all these manufacturers, including the ones with low ratings, to see if they can help fund the site if the purchase is made through this website.  Some ignored our proposal, some didn’t feel that we would be able to refer any customers, and others were very generous and offered us with machine specific technical information and other resources to help us along.  Every time someone purchases a machine from us, we receive a small amount from the sponsoring manufacturer to keep this site running.  It costs upwards of $5 to $10 dollars to bring you or another consumer to our website so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing a WBV machine.  So read, review, research, and then decide–and if you are still confused, call us and we can help guide you to pick the machine most suitable for your needs and budget.

Prices include shipping to Canada and the Continental USA!