VibaBody Slimmer

The Viba Body Slimmer is another brand that is quite common in state fairs and trade shows. They manufacturer a variety of different machines from dual vibration machines to just single motor oscillation machines. The quality of their machines are not too bad, but they’re more concentrated in selling, which is a problem as the sales staff do not have a lot of product knowledge. They also do not have too much information in terms of the specifications of the machines that they sell.

VibaBody Slimmer VBS 1000

The simplest and most basic unit that uses the oscillation vibration. Their machine has a motor power of 500 W with a maximum weight capacity of 380 lbs. The machine’s weight is only 85 lbs, so the numbers are a little questionable. Other machines like the Vmax i25 or the Vibratrim VT100 have a weight capacity of 300 lbs and they weigh about 98 lbs. At the higher frequencies and speed settings, the machine tends to jump because of its lighter weight so make sure you ground and adjust the VBS 1000 properly so that it doesn’t rock or pivot.

VibaBody Slimmer VBS 2500

A little more heavier duty. The VBS 2500 is a light commercial grade oscillation unit. It has a 500 W motor, with a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs. For the heavier folks (300 lbs+), you can expect a slight slowdown in the lift because of the lower powered motor that drives the platform. Otherwise, the handlebars on this particular unit is superb and is excellent for user’s that have weaker legs and require a handlebar system that they can put at least 50% of their weight. The metal column of the machine is reinforced with a beam that connects the two vertical piece. A handle bar is attached just above this horizontal beam giving users more options for holding on. The VBS 2500 has four shortcut buttons for the time and four for the speed. Pressing these buttons automatically change to that particular speed/time setting. There are definitely some better options out there such as the Tectonic M2.0 or Vmax Elite 300 are more powerful and has a 1000 W motor as opposed to the 500 W motor used in the VBS 2500.

VibaBody Slimmer VBS 3000

The VBS 3000 is a portable and compact machine and was designed for users that have limited space but cannot do away with the handle bars. VibaBody Slimmer created this machine with a collapsible handlebar system that allows the user to adjust the height, and allow them to break it down so it folds into a very compact unit that can be stowed away when not in use. This compact unit actually is a dual vibration machine and incorporates two vibration into a single machine. It uses the oscillation vibration, and the spiral vibration. The platform is a little smaller and so for taller users, this may be unnatural as you’ll need to stand closer together with your feet. Otherwise, if you want something compact without sacrificing the two different vibration styles, then this would be a good machine to take a closer look at.

VibaBody Slimmer VBS 4000

The VBS 4000 is stronger than the VBS 3000 with the larger platform size. If space is not an issue, I definitely recommend going with the larger platforms not just because it is more comfortable, but you end up getting a lot more power than the smaller machines. Similar to the VBS 3000, the VBS 4000 has the oscillation vibration in addition to the spiral. It is a great choice for users that want a machine that is completely made of metal, this will last you quite a long while. You will also get higher Gs which is excellent for bone health and muscle building. The lift on the VBS 4000 is good and you shouldn’t expect expect a slowdown unless you’re like 400 lbs. One thing I love about the machine is you can tilt it on its back and roll it around when you need to move it from one location to the next. This is quite comparable to the Vmax Trio or the Vibratrim VT400. They may all look alike but the parts and components that they each chose to use are different.

VibaBody Slimmer VBS 5000

The VBS 5000 is the brother to the VBS 4000. When comparing both units, it is deeper and taller, but at the same width. The platform size is very generous because you can fully utilize the 27″ wide platform. When you stand closer to the edge, you will feel the vibration to get significantly stronger and makes you bounce up and down more. I can’t stand with my feet so far apart for so long as that gives me a headache so I generally stand about 2-3″ from the edge. The controls are what makes this machine stand out from all the different Viba Body Slimmer machines. It utilizes the latest rotary dial controls, which other machines have started using also: PULSER by Vmax Fitness, and the Vibratrim VT500. I fell in love with it the first time I flicked the dial to increase the dial. The speed change is very fast and fluid and the rotary dial is very easy to use. I must say it is a lot better than the buttons you find on older machines. The machine is very solid and heavy so you will have no problems with
a bouncing machine. The price is higher than the others and works almost the same, so you would still be happy with the purchase.

Final Thoughts

One problem that seems to be reoccurring and reported by a lot of callers is that it is difficult to find the respective party to service the machine when the motor goes or when some of the control panel buttons don’t work. They had their machines from between 6 months to 1 year but none were able to contact the sales person (business card they were given) at the trade show. The number on the manufacturer’s website worked but it was hard to get in touch with any one that was able to provide assistance. The run around were given and we had to send replacement parts to the callers ourselves using components from other brands. When I went to Arizona for the Ultimate Women’s Tradeshow, I had tried all the machines at the Viba Body Slimmer trade booth, they make it seem like it will be easy to get servicing if anything goes wrong but I am quite surprised how they would do that to their customers. The machine’s quality aren’t bad, but the servicing is an interesting story. You should consider carefully if you decide on going with it, especially when there are other brands that we know of that have more after sales customer service.