Brand New: $4495

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NOTE: The only primary difference between the AVT 5.0 and 6.0 is in the warranty and the user weight capability.  The AVT 6.0 has a 3 year warranty compared to the 2 year for the AVT 5.0 and a weight limit of 500 lbs instead of 400 lb.  Below is the review on the AVT 5.0.

3G Cardio is a Vibration technology company that focuses on Triplanar vibration machines and vibrating plates. Their machines are available in Black and Silver and are fairly large! A whopping 220 lbs!

The AVT5.0 vibration plates are fairly large and you probably will require a bit of space in order to put this in your home. The base platform plate is spacious at 28″ (width) x 23″ (depth) so there shouldn’t be a problem with running your feet off the platform or performing sit ups right on the platform. The surface of the AVT5.0 platform feels like sandpaper and is extremely rugged. You probably will not be able to scuff the surface wearing your shoes. The machine also comes with another 1/2 inch foam pad for added comfort in case you want to lie on the machine or if you need it to dampen the vibrations. The design of the pole is not straight and is contoured like a zigzag. There are two control panels, one mounted at the top of the pole and one mounted in the middle of the pole for easy access when you are sitting down or crouched down doing some arm exercises. The pole is made primarily of fiberglass and is more brittle then a steel pole, but it is heavy and pretty solid. The handlebar looks like a helmet for the AVT 5.0 and is fairly sturdy when you pull on it.

Similar to Power Plate’s design on their vibration plates, the AVT 5.0 allows the user to specify the Amplitude, either Low (1.5mm) or High (3.0mm) and a frequency range of 20Hz up to 50Hz. When in the Manual program, or when you Start, the vibration machine turns on and it runs at the default 30 second countdown, Low (1.5mm) Amplitude setting, and 25 Hz frequency setting. To change it, you need to press the Time, Amplitude, or Frequency buttons. You can adjust the time from 30 seconds upto 180 seconds before the machine shuts off. I found the manual routine time to be quite limiting since it shuts off after 30 seconds unless you change it to 3 minutes, and even then, its a little short. The machine does come with 18 Pre-programmed routines–3 Programs, each with 6 routines, and each is programmed with a specific Time, Amplitude, and Frequency setting, so in order to run through a 10 minute routine, you’ll need to press and navigate through quite a few buttons and menus. The User can also specify and program 3 User routines, for upto 21 routines.

The vibration producted by this machine is powerful. At the max speed, I can almost feel a numbing sensation within the first 10 seconds so I had to quickly get off the machine. You probably won’t need to worry about how much weight this machine can handle as its easily rated at 400 lbs. Even as I was bending my knees, I can feel my muscles tightening. I definitely do not suggest cranking these machines to their highest vibration settings unless you’re an elite class athlete.

The 3G Cardio AVT 5.0 is a well built, and powerful vibration machine. It is easily rated for users weighing 400 lbs or so and is a great pick if you require a heavy duty vibration machine to further increase your physical fitness level. However at the price, there are other offerings that give more features for a lower price.

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